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What is your capacity to feel JOY?
So often we focus on the problems and the upsets and forget there is more even though we long to feel happier and JOYFUL.
Upset and pain are simply our system's way of saying "Hey! Are you noticing this??"
I love the infinite wisdom of this intelligent, intuitive system we've been given to navigate this world in.
We, at Kim Smart Coaching, have developed a program that accesses the infinite wisdom of this mind, body, soul, spirit, system simply and effectively.
I have had the amazing privilege of being gifted with a body of work called Aspect Work™ that was given to me as a spiritual "download" during a session I was coaching.
Right in the middle of the session I was coaching, my client was talking and relating her experiences of abuse and in then suddenly, the next word she spoke she spoke as a 5-year old child.  She had morphed in front of my eyes into a child.  Her mannerisms changed, her voice changed and she relayed her experience from her five-year old self.
I was absolutely mesmerized by this experience.  And I was given the way to talk with this five-year old to assist her in re-integrating with my client.
After the session was complete, my client was glowing.  The anxiety was gone and she had incredible insights as to "why" this had happened to her and she left the session feeling empowered and "soft".
Her edge had disappeared and she had a divine perspective on her abuse and was able to heal in one session what we hadn't in the previous year.
Over the next several sessions we continued to work with her different "Aspects" and by the time she was complete with her sessions she had a completely new way of looking at life and she had an incredibly powerful tool to use whenever she wanted to have more healing.
Since that first experience with an Aspect, I have learned so much about how this intelligent, intuitive mind, body, soul, spiritual system works and how these "Aspects" hold the key to healing.
The beauty of this whole process is that each person I have worked with has discovered their "OWN" answer, their own solution.  It was simply hidden from their conscious mind. 
My job is simple and I LOVE it!!  I ask the questions, and I get to facilitate an individual in discovering what is already inside.
No matter what the "issue" is, whether its going through a divorce, losing a loved one, career choices, relationships, eating disorders, families in distress, abuse, weight loss, health, a teen needing guidance... this process works.
I get to assist people in seeing what is in their way of their most magnificent self and I get to assist them in removing those blocks.
The essential self is perfection, there is nothing that needs to be added to your divine, essential self.
Coaching is an incredible vehicle for healing, moving forward in life and finding your own, relevant, answers.
Coaching combined with Aspect Work™ is phenomenal.
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